Best field hockey players of all time

Hockey was created as such during the 19th century, in London. From those years until today, the world has witnessed some changes in the sport and we have also seen a lot of great players who have been the pride of their respective countries and teams. Today we bring you a list of the best field hockey players of all time.

Hassan Sardar

We start our list with the Pakistani player Hassan Sardar. This player has been recognized worldwide as one of the top 10 hockey players of all time, as well as the best player the Pakistan Hockey Federation has produced. He is known for his participation in the hockey world cup in Mumbai in 1982 where he won, proving to be the best center forward in the history of Pakistan. Today he is the Chief Selector for the Pakistan National Hockey Team.

Ric charlesworth

Ric Charlesworth is what is known as a sports man, as in addition to being a terrific Field Hockey player, he has also been a first-class cricket player. His contribution to the Australian Hockey team has been enormous, participating in 5 Olympic games during his career and being the team captain twice. In addition, he led his team to victory at the World Cup in London in 1986.

For his work for the sport in Australia, he was the second person to enter the Hockey Hall of Fame in this country. After stopping playing, he opted for administrative positions on different teams.

Sohail abbas

Sohail Abbas is considered one of the best players in history, as well as one of the best players to emerge from within Pakistan. Unlike the other players on the list, Sohail is slightly younger than the rest but despite belonging to modern hockey, he is recognized as the highest goal scorer in international field hockey with 348 international goals. In addition to this, he has other records, such as having made the most goals during a calendar year (1999); he is also the top scorer in Pakistan, with 16 goals made in three world cup appearances.

Dhyan Chand

Finally, we will talk about who is known as the best Field Hockey player in all of history, Dhyan Chand, who for some may even be considered the best Olympic athlete of all time, since he guided the Indian team to the victory three times in a row. During his career he scored more than 1000 goals and demonstrated such mastery in the game that he was nicknamed The Wizard, with such incredible movements that authorities from various countries, such as the Netherlands, believed that his stick had a kind of trick; but the only trick was great skill in playing hockey.

Although Field Hockey was created in England, it has been its former colonies that have brought the game to greater recognition and it is precisely from these places that the best field hockey players of all time have emerged.

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