Tips for betting olympic field hockey

For countries like the United States or Canada, field hockey may seem like an unpopular sport, since ice hockey is more popular in these places; But the truth is that field hockey is one of the most played sports in the world and the bets made during the Olympic games are very popular and close, with good benefits, in addition to providing moments of entertainment and fun. Today we will give you some types for betting in Olympic field hockey.

Know the rules of the sport

To bet you don’t need to be an expert in the sport, but you do need to understand how it works and what its rules are, so that you can understand when you read about predictions or odds. If you do not know the rules of a game, you will hardly be able to understand how it works and you will not be able to bet correctly; In other words, betting without knowing anything about the game is practically throwing your money away.

Meet the best teams

In field hockey there are teams that are traditional, which have won tournaments for years and there is a tradition around them, such as India and Pakistan. But don’t just focus on these teams, since it may also be the case that there are great teams whose tradition is not so good, as is the case of Belgium which is currently at the top of the world top. The important thing is that you know who are the best, who have been the best and who are showing signs of doing better in the next Olympic games.

Pay attention to depth

An Olympic field hockey games are not easy, since in approximately one week the teams will have to play five round robin games, and then continue playing in case they are classified. Therefore, not only talent is enough for a team to emerge as a winner; intelligence, endurance and depth are also needed.

At the Olympic field hockey games, depth is critical for teams to reach gold. So in addition to looking at the skills of the teams, you should look at how well they deal with this game format.

Don’t forget the women

Although in many sports women’s betting is not very popular, this does not have to be the case in field hockey. In fact, you could find good betting options on the female side: a lower volume of bets, but still a fierce competition that opens the way for significant differences between the teams, which would allow handicap bets that make you perceive better results. So don’t just think about men’s games, pay attention to women’s games too.

The format is very important

12 teams are those that qualify for the Olympic games. These are then divided into two pools of six that will play round robin matches between them for at least one week. Of these 12 teams, only four will advance to the next stage of the tournament, where they will then have to play another two games to reach the final. Being such a fierce competition, the talent of a team is not always worth it; a group full of elite teams could eliminate a good team, but instead a group of not so good teams could allow a weak team to pass to the next phase.

Either way, in betting it is worth looking at what has happened before and what predictions will be made. You still have time to prepare for these Olympic games.